How We Work With You

Create Your Own Virtual Race starting from £395 + Vat

How We Work With You

Working with MedalMad allows you to reach your audience in a fun and engaging way. Set a challenge for your target audience that is bespoke, specific and exclusive just to them. Our team at MedalMad make the process easy for you to reach a wider audience. MedalMad is more than just a challenge site is a community where we foster long term relationships and support for our users.

You can use this platform for your brand, project or organisation to help raise funds, raise awareness or just offer something different.

50% of all sales finds its way to your bank account.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

1. Have a chat with a member of our team

We have run a lot of virtual races so we will be able to help you create one that engages a wide or targeted audience. We monitor and evaluate all our races so we can chat through what you are trying to achieve and how best to do this.

2. Create your own medal design

You design your own medal and we will help you turn your ideas into reality. Once you have a draft we take over and work with our designers to create a mock up and then the real things. Prices start from £295+VAT.

3. We manage the rest of the process for you

We will then add your challenge to our site and push out through social media. We manage the evidence and shipment to get your medal to the challenger. What you will need to do is drive sales through your network of fans and supporters.

Mobile Platform to Reach the World

MedalMad is a mobile platform that allows us to reach out via SocialMedia to reach your audience. We can work together to engage more people to your organisation.

More Than the Challenge

MedalMad works with those signed up to challenges to help them achieve their goals. With online support, resources and advice specific to each challenge.

Bespoke Medals for Your Project

Every medal/challenge is unique. We limit the runs to ensure people get an exclusive reward to show off their hard work.