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2 MedalMad medals achieved!

 Two consecutive days, two MedalMad medals to run for and two very different 5km runs. 

On Saturday, I set out to run for the 'These Girls Can Run' medal. It was one of those runs where it just feels 'right.' My legs felt strong, my pony tail was swishing, Beyonce was belting out 'Run the World' through my headphones and I smashed out the 5 kilometres in under 36 minutes. A good time for me and my short legs! (I'm not putting myself down, I'm extremely body confident, but I have got short legs!) This was the first time I've achieved a sub 36 minute 5km since November.

I got home absolutely buzzing with myself and it set up my mood for the rest of the day. I really did feel that I could take on the world.

It was a 'Beauty' of a run.

On the Sunday, however, I ran a 'Beast' of a run. This run was to provide evidence for the 'Beauty and the Beast' medal, if you hadn't already guessed. The second medal in the Fairytale series.

I set out, along the same route, after the previous day's successes feeling that I would be able to chip a few more seconds off my time. I couldn't have been more wrong.

My legs felt heavy and slow, there was a bitterly cold wind and I didn't warm up at any point during the run. My fingers went numb and as I'd forgotten my hat my ears did too. The the wind was whistling in my ears the whole time. I just didn't particularly enjoy it, which was a shame, as I was so up for going beforehand.

I finished in under 38 minutes, which isn't disastrous, as the run felt sooo much slower than that, but still 2 minutes slower than the day before.

I'll look forward, as always, to receiving the medals in the post. It is 'happy mail' when it arrives and the memories of the beastly run will be irrelevant as I'll be proud of myself for just getting out there and running.

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