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5K as Beyoncé

I challenge you to read the title of my latest medal without doing it to the tune of the popular Beyoncé song. My new, shiny pink medal is called "These Girls Can Run The World" (world, world….)

We've has some beautiful mornings during February and so it's been great to get out there and cover some miles. As a busy mom of three and one who works, I run alone a lot when I can fit it in around everything else. This month, I have started running with a small group of ladies who are all moms in the village I live in. We meet right after school drop off and head out for a variety of sessions. We are all different abilities and super encouraging of each other.

The village we live in is surrounded by hills, some much steeper than others. I decided that our hill repeat session was going to be the one where I earnt my medal. It's a 0.9mile run to the hill followed by a run up the hill, recovery run down and then a sprint on the flat at the end. I did 9 repeats. I really did feel like I ran the world!!

I am loving this new change to my running and I will always look back on this medal with a fondness and it's directly linked to my memory of running with friends.

Who runs the world?


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