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August Marathon Training

 Hi all,

We are still in pre training for the Marathon in August, our actual training plan starts in April and I am scared to say the least! We are trying to get our 5km times faster but at the minute it's just hard work! We are running 5km in about 45 mins which means our marathon time currently stands at about 7 hours! We really need to get faster.

We have been experimenting with Jeffing, a technique where you run and walk in short intervals. I did my first proper Jeffing run with a ratio of 60:30 (60 seconds running and 30 seconds walking) last week and really enjoyed it. I think it is really helping my time as my 5km time went down to 40 mins. It really took me back to last year as my running segments were run at about 6 mins per km whereas my constant running is currently at about 9 mins per km. It was easy to transition and really took my mind off of the distance as you only concentrated on running 60 seconds at a time. Hopefully we can get faster using this as I am struggling to run fast constantly.

I am also finding that my foot hurts less after Jeffing than constant running. I still have plantar and it's still hurting but I really need my fitness back.

I used the absolutely beautiful Run like a beast medal as my motivation for this one. I am loving the series and wanting the set is helping me! This medal though is fab and my daughter has suggested we hang it in the window like a sun catcher.

So Monday starts the new diet, I am hoping to lose at least four stone, I need to, for my health and for my speed! I will let you know how I am doing.


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