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My 1000 Mile Countdown for 2018- January, the story to far..


This is the first of 12 blogs I'll be posting to update you on my progress towards 1000 miles in 2018.

At the start of the year this feels like a really long way.In fact I 'Googled-it' and over the course of the year, my 1000 mile distance will be the same as running between Crawley and Malaga in Spain. Olé!

So January started with a Park Run 'Double' on New Year's Day. Starting at a very muddy Horsham at 9am, then buzzing over to Tilgate for part two.It was quite comical seeing people trying to stay on their feet at Horsham – not sure whether this was the result of the NYE Celebrations or just the course conditions. Needless to say, we all happily slid and slipped along together.

With Silly Season over, it was back work and time to restart my daily run commute.It's surprising how those miles add up and kept me ticking along towards the 100 mile target I set myself for January. Along with many others, and with a spare tyre accumulated through too many Mince Pies, I used my gym membership a lot more – even hitting the 'Dreadmill'. Well, needs must.I even signed up for a few spin classes, which are actually good fun and are helping to improve my running stamina. It's good to mix things up a bit.

So now, my mileage total for January… With my Park Runs, Dreadmill, Run Commutes to Work. LSRs on Sundays with the wife -not to mention the 3 Medal Mad challenges (Mirror Mirror, Back to Running and Emerald City),I managed to clock up a total of 102 miles (478,000 Steps).

(That's the same as running to Birmingham!)

Happy Running!

2 MedalMad medals achieved!
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