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Positive Mental Attitude

 Today I would like to waffle about PMA… Positive Mental Attitude as this goes nicely with the These Girls can run the world challenge.

I find that when I come across issues in my running it's 10% physical and 90% mental. I am so good I can convince myself that the tiny twinge in my calf will burst if I carry on!

Today we decided to do a 7km run, recently the most I have run is 5km and being honest 7km was a little bit of an uncomfortable thought. Thing is I know I can do it but my mind likes to play with me sometimes and tell me all of the reasons I cannot. You have gained lots of weight since you ran 7km last. You have plantar which isn't hurting right now but you will suffer for later. Oh are your calves tight, if you stop now we can roll them but if you carry on you might damage yourself.

Of course none of the above things are actually enough to stop me running yet they give me a perfect out if I am feeling like it's hard work.

So onto todays run, it was a gloriously sunny day but cold which meant we were never too hot, the air was clear and it was not too windy, in short the perfect running weather. We also had a fab 5km run on Thursday meaning we had both come away feeling really positive about running. Today we definitely had a positive mental attitude! It makes it so much better to have a brilliant running buddy too. I have come through my journey with Roxy and we just spend the whole time chatting. This gives me a mental boost too as if I do a whole run chatting I know I can go faster if I wanted to if I wasn't chatting. We were also talking about the sprint finish today and the positive boost this gives me, if I have enough energy at the end to sprint then I could go further if I wanted to.

It makes it so much easier to quiet the voices if you have good things to think about. I also use positive thinking whilst running to remind myself that although it may seem hard, it's not forever and I will feel so much better afterwards. I have lots of stock sentences I say to myself (and sometimes out loud) to help me. I think about all the things that I am grateful for, I am grateful I have good , strong legs to carry me. I am grateful I have powerful lungs to get oxygen with, I am grateful that my husband is so supportive and has the children while I run. I am grateful for the break from being a Mum, Carer, Wife, Cook etc. When I am running I am me, no responsibilities, no chores just me. There are so many things I have to be grateful for.

Anyway, the run was fab today and I will take that positive mental attitude through to my next run. Today These girls definitely ran the world.

Shell and Roxy

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