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There's No Place Like Home

The last of my January Medal Mad Challenges was the 'Wizard of Oz' themed Emerald City 10K.

When I signed up for this one, I knew I'd be going to Dublin with work for a few days so what better place to run than Irelands very own Emerald City. As usual, when there's a suitcase to be packed, my trainers are first in.(I only wish I could tell you they we're red like Dorothy's).

My alarm went off at Silly O'clock so I could get 5 miles in before meeting my colleagues for breakfast.If only I had a brain!

Not knowing my route and not wanting to get lost, I was a bit like the cowardly lion and decided to go for an out and back. I found myself running alongside a lovely canal, nice and flat too. With U2 on repeat I was in my element, shame I'd have to turn around at some point. I almost forgot I had work to do that day.

So when I clocked 2.5 miles it was time to turn back on the yellow brick road backto the hotel.What I didn't realise was that the kind wind that was behind me helping my pace on the way out, was now like a tornado in my face on the way back.

With the Ireland trip over and still a few KM left on the challenge it was time to come back to Tilgate Parkrun (There's No Place Like Home).

So that's January completed, over 100 miles run, three Medal Mad challenges done and after 30 days of Dry January I'm ready for a beer.

More events, challenges and running stories to come in February.

Happy Running !!!

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