Dare to Dream Big 80KM

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If you would like to recieve more than one medal please change QTY. You will have one challenge, but will earn all medals on its completion.
50 Miles / 80KM
90 Days
8 Milestones
10 Points

Dare to dream big with this 80km medal challenge. Journey to the fairytale castle and earn your 8 fairytale themed charms along the way. All your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them.... and a sparkly medal at the end. 

Entry includes;

  1. Dare to Dream Big Medal
  2. Set of 8 Charm Mini Medals
  3. Well Done Congratulations Card
  4. Interactive Challenge Map
  5. 10 MedalMad Reward Points
  6. Fairytale Profile Badge
  7. Access to the MedalMad Community App
  8. Track Friends Progress and Race to the Castle

Mini medal charms include- Poisoned Apple, Cotton Reel, Seashell, Chipped Teacup, Enchanted Rose, Trident, Magic Mirror and Pumpkin.