Couch to 5KM
See how far you have come

#NameTime or Distance (KM)
2Lorraine Bennetts3895.78
3Kerry Hayward2782.90
4Rae Seng1912.00
5Judith Mclernon1795.26
6Mike Mike1276.00
7Laura Barnett824.80
8Julie Tebb393.82
9Dawn Dilley376.98
10Sarah Robson365.00
11Gogo Wright346.01
12Claire Crossthwaite263.99
13Charlene Chambers179.96
14Bethan Kilby Kilby158.83
15Stacey Smith106.50
16Shelley Herbert105.33
17Miss chelsie Mcgrath103.38
18Stephanie Fitzpatrick101.45
19Louise Winchurch90.00
20Kellie Lacey67.00
21Jo Paskell47.63
22Natalie Amy Skillen24.80
23Zoe MedalMad13.00
24Holly Sproston12.83