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    Hi all, So it's been a while since I checked in last and we have been hit by the New Year bug in our house and so my running was put on hold.

    However... the last 4 days have been amazing. I re-started Couch to 5k on Sunday and have done it everyday since! I am technically supposed to take a rest day in between sessions but I am getting up almost 2 hours earlier than usual desperate to get my trainers on, so I figured I would just roll with it! I already feel more energised and am looking forward to having my first official weigh in tomorrow, so I can update you on how well the 50lb loss is going so far. I am hopping for 7lbs but we will see!!

    With all my hard work this week I have managed to submit my first lot of evidence for my first 5K medal!!!! I can't wait until it arrives so I can hang it next to my treadmill, hopefully the shiny new addition will give me a boost when I start to struggle. Now which medal to pick next???
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