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    So since setting up my page last week I've made it to the gym 4 more times, but had a disastrous weekend where food (and wine) is concerned but thats pretty standard weekend for me!!
    Deadlifted 60kg x 10 reps x 5R so pretty happy with that.
    Smashed out rope climb on first attempt made it to the top in 2.
    Back squat of 50kg for 10 reps x 4R but that felt soooooo hard, need to work on this.
    Made it to BJJ on Saturday morning, Loved it, so hard but great fun and nice to do something different! Followed by some strength work in the gym and a lovely chilly walk with the family and dogs down the canal

    I took my little gym buddy training with me yesterday, he smashed our team workout! I wish I'd had his focus and determination at this age.

    All in all training is going well - I have a session with my PT next week so looking forward to being pushed harder and working towards my goals.

    No doubt I will overdo the chocolate and wine again this weekend (valentines prosecco is already chilling and some lovely Lindt chocolates! oops!) ..... I'd better hit the gym! lol

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