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    Wow! It’s been a long time since I posted but that was purely because for some reason I completely forgot how to do it! Convinced myself I had diff log in details and everything!
    So... March has been a failure. I was due to go to my Parkruns 300th event but it wasn’t a good day and I knew I had two more Saturdays in March to go so wasn’t too worried. Then work sent me to Clacton so I stayed with my aunt n uncle on the fri night but then couldn’t go Parkrun. We did walk 16k over the two days though. Then work sent me to Newcastle the following weekend and I planned to fit in Parkrun but then decided it was a wiser use of my time to do two separate Go Ape courses whilst 3hrs away from instead! So I now need to do two parkruns in the same month to make sure I hit the 12! Hoping to go in the morning.
    My running in general has been a bit sporadic. Think I actually need to sign up for some races so I actually train. Should be better over the summer. Still aiming for the half marathon in October and then London marathon 2020!
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