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    So this month I have so far hit a new 10K PB of 1:03:33 and also got a Strava crown! So I'm really happy with how this month is going. I want break the 30 minute mark this month for my 5K PB. I'm off work Monday and so I'm going to take the dog and thrash one out, hopefully I will break that mark! If not then I will try again another day but it must be done!

    The progress I have made since starting running is phenomenal. I have persuaded the wife to start running and she has now started the C25K app I did. Looking back it's amazing. When I started I could barely run for a minute without feeling like I was going to keel over! Now I can comfortably run a 5K at a slow pace without stopping. The progression has been subtle. But I think the best thing is my mental attitude. I have learnt to mentally push myself. When I am hurting and don't want to run anymore I can mentally push through the pain and the body does respond.

    This challenge has really kept me going on days when I didn't want to. Also I got my run the board medal. 🏅🏆I originally wanted to achieve this in 3 months. It took me 2 months and a few days to achieve in the end. So I exceeded my expectations. And I love it! It's huge 😆.

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