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    So, I didn’t post last week, so I thought with the retrospective look on it, if give it a bit more detail. Apologies for the long diatribe, I have actually gone into too much detail, feel free to scroll on by..!
    I had a hard fought three miles on Monday, which I had hoped to follow up with a 5 on Tuesday, but the opportunity to get out on the tarmac just wasn't there.
    I wanted to get in that 5 as the week represented an end of an era (no, although my 40th birthday on the Sunday I don’t mean my thirties!)
    For the past couple of years, Kim has taken Iris to the school toddler group on a Wednesday in term time. Practically every week, with only a few that they have missed. For the last year to 18mths I have used that time to go out for a run wherever possible. As they are gone for around 2hrs, I have made Wednesday mornings my long run time (don't do long run Sunday..!) with the school year finishing the following week, this was the last session of toddler group and Iris won't be going back again as she will start nursery in September. I realise that means she is out for 3hrs every morning, but it isn't a specific day that I have locked in to do that longer run on, so won't be as affective at getting me out of the door.
    As this was my last long run Wednesday, I wanted to go a bit longer. I'd love to have done the run I wanted a couple of months back when I ran to my old work and back, clocking 10miles. I wanted to extend that out, running the perimeter of the site to push that out to 12/13miles (at which point I would have detoured a little en route home to make it up to 13.1 - standard!!). Unfortunately I never got around to doing that run, with the week at CubJam, then our holiday, my regular running got interrupted and I scaled back when I got back into it, not really building back up to the bigger distances as yet. BUT, this was my very last toddler group run. I hadn't got out on the Tuesday, hadn't run anything more than 5 or 6 miles for a long time and I wasn't feeling too great either, BUT I was going out and going long(ish) I wanted to run at least 8 if not 10 miles.
    I headed down towards the seafront for a coastal trot. I was feeling really rough and was struggling early on, but I had to push on. My headphones started beeping at me too, so I had a feeling this was going to be a hard run! I followed my usual path around the Ramsgate coastline and although when I got to the cinema I really REALLY wanted to turn down my usual road and head home that way, but I wanted to go longer so I pressed on for my originally planned route through King George VI park to Dumpton. As I headed through the park, at around the 4.5mile mark, my headphones died. 😧
    I hate running without music and still had over 30mins worth of running to do
    I had to keep on keeping on, so I pressed on forward and stuck to my plan. I headed back the same route as my run a couple of weeks back with some double backing on myself to boost the mileage. Although this time I stretched it out more, looping out and around the local shopping centre then home. I actually hit the 10mile mark when I was a few doors away from my house, so it turned out pretty well in the end!
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