•   Rosie2017 commented on this post about 5 months ago
    So I havent posted recently. This is due to I gave up. I decided that running was never meant for me.

    However I realised I had got to the point that I was running for Strava. I was running for other people. I was exhausting myself just to prove myself to people I dony even know. I felt I had something to prove as I am not as capable as I used to be.

    However after taking some time to re-evaluate. I have decided its okay if i dont want to run. Its okay if i want to run twice in a day. More importantly its okay if I dont achieve my targets. I was beating myself up over something that wasnt that important.

    I now run because i enjoy it. Thats it. No more targets. No more pushing myself beyond my capabilities.

    However on a lighter note I check my Vo2 max and was pleasently suprised! Not bad for someone with end stage renal failure .
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