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Race to the North Pole
Race to the North Pole
Race to the North Pole
Race to the North Pole

Race to the North Pole

Join the elves in their race to the North Pole, can you make it before Christmas Eve. Challenge includes downloadable colouring tracker and well done cards at each 6KM section on your way to the North Pole. You can also include a finisher top (adult and kids sizes available)

Entry includes;

  1. 24KM Race to the North Pole Medal
  2. Race to the North Pole Badges (set of 4)
  3. Race to the North Pole Certificate
  4. Downloadable colouring tracker and well done cards
  5. 10 Reward Points


  1. Race the North Pole Finisher Top (£15). Size Guide

Challenge starts and medals go out from the 1st of December 2021. Evidence can be submitted early.



(Inc. VAT)

Product Delivery Cost
UK - Free
Europe - £5.50
Rest of World - £6.50


Challenge Starts on the 01st December.

You have 60 days to complete this challenge starting from the date you sign up. If you sign up prior to the 01st December your 60 days will start from the start date listed . You can submit evidence early but medals are not sent out till the start date.
Calendar Icon Duration: 60 days
Running Man Icon 26 Challengers Joined
Calendar Icon 275 Places Remaining

Challenge Rules

You can complete the 24KM however you like. You can break down the distances into smaller parts.

The 6KM badges are milestones, so you do not have to do 4 x 6KM, but a badge is earned as you pass each 6KM marker. 24Km for 1KM of the 24 days till Christmas.

You can submit the same evidence to two or more of the 6KM sections. For example, if you complete a 10KM activity you can use that evidence against two of the 6KM sections in your account.

How long do I have?

You have 60 days to complete this challenge, starting from the date you sign up (select ‘join challenge’ and complete the checkout process). 

If you sign up prior to the start date listed above then your 60 days will start from the challenge start date listed.

You can however start your challenge early if you wish and submit your evidence prior to the challenge start date, please note however that medals for challenges completed early will not be dispatched until the challenge start date.

If you complete your challenge after the start date, but within your 60 days, then your medal will be dispatched within 2-3 working days of evidence approval.  

Can't See Any Buttons?

Please check your phone is not using readerview, this can happen when you go to the website from an app including our app.

How Can I Complete a Challenge?

MedalMad challenges can be completed by running, walking, swimming, cycling, rolling, rowing or using cardio equipment at home or in the gym. You can break down the challenge into smaller parts and track your challenge as you go.

How Long Do I Have to Complete a Challenge?

Please make sure you have read the specific details of a challenge above. It will state when a challenge goes live, though you can submit evidence early, and when the deadline is to submit evidence. Evidence submitted after the deadline is not sent to the team to process. So you may miss out on your medal and a late evidence form will need to be completed if you do miss a deadline.

Where Can I Submit Evidence?

Please submit your evidence via the My Challenge in the MedalMad app or on the website.

For more support and FAQs please visit our support page and search the articles. Nearly 99% of all enquires have an article that would get you the information you need quickly.