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Hit My Target 2020 Offer
Hit My Target 2020 Offer

Hit My Target 2020 Offer

Set up 2020 for your best year of running and fitness. Medals come with the matching keyring with your distance engraved.

Select your distance for each month by using the dropdown below. Select first 6 (Jan to June) for £66 and then if you want the big saving select the final 6 (July to Dec).

Medals are engraved with your given distance. Evidence must be submitted in the month of the medal. Please use the MedalMad app to track your challenges and deadlines.

You can change your distance by emailing us if later on in the year you want to up or decrease your distance for any month, prior to that month starting.

Shipping - UK is FREE, Europe £4 per medal, Rest of the World £5 per medal. Please use last drop down to apply shipping costs.

Payment is non refundable once your first month has started. 




(Inc. VAT)


Registration Closes on the 24th September.

Evidence must be uploaded to your account by the 31st December

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