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Strength of the Wolf Pack

Strength of the Wolf Pack

The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf! The medal is made using a new UV textured print technique to provide the amazing detail. So be a lone wolf or take on the challenge in in a wolf pack and cover the 10 miles to earn your medal.

  1. Wolf 10 Mile Medal
  2. Monthly Well Done Card
  3. 10 Reward Points to use in the MedalMad shop or on future challenges
  4. Wildlife Inspired Profile Badge



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Rest of World - £6.00


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You have 60 days to complete this challenge starting from the date you sign up .
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How Does a Virtual Run or Challenge Work?

The Stremgth of the Wolf Pack 10 mile virtual challenge like all our challenges is very easy to take part. Once you have joined the virtual challenge you will find an upload/submission section in your My Challenges page on the website and app. When you join up please take note of the start date and end dates, These are very important. You can submit your evidence from as soon as you sign up to a challenge, but the medals will not go out until the official start date of the virtual challenge. Make sure you submit your evidence before the end date. You can upload images of tracking apps, race results, images of dashboards on cardio equipment, images of a running or fitness watch, use the MedalMad basic tracker and even submit a personal log of activity. 

Can't See Any Buttons?

Please check your phone is not using readerview, this can happen when you go to the website from an app including our app.

How Can I Complete a Challenge?

MedalMad challenges can be completed by running, walking, swimming, cycling, rolling, rowing or using cardio equipment at home or in the gym. You can break down the challenge into smaller parts and track your challenge as you go.

Where Can I Submit Evidence?

Please submit your evidence via the My Challenge in the MedalMad app or on the website.

For more support and FAQs please visit our support page and search the articles. Nearly 99% of all enquires have an article that would get you the information you need quickly.