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Complete challenges to earn free personlised MedalMad star medals as you progress up the levels.

Earn points to claim FREE rewards and save £££'s in our marketplace.

MedalKids where younger challengers can create their own account and take on kids challenges.


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Taking Part

You can run, walk , cycle, swim or gym MedalMad activity challenges, unless it states otherwise on the individual challenge. Challenges can be done in parts. You can use the website or MedalMad app to manage your challenges. If you submit a time via the app you will be entered onto the live race results for your challenge.

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Free App - Live Race Results - Membership Medals - Amazing Medals - Teams - MedalKids- Excellent Support

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Europe                     Shipping 7-28 days

ROW                         Shipping 14-35 days

These are guides based upon Royal Mail delivery times. Please note these are estimates and are a guide only. Days are working days Mon-Fri.

There is a shipping and handling fee on all international shipments outside of the UK ranging from £2.95 to £5.95.


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This is how it works

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Sign Up and Find your Motivation

Sign up online and also download the optional MedalMad app. Click on Join a Challenge to find a medal you love with a distance that challenges you. You are now ready to get started.

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Run/Walk/Cycle/ Gym or Swim 

You can complete your challenge in parts or in one go. If using your own fitness tracker take screenshots or photos showing the distance you have covered to use as your evidence. If using the MedalMad App tracker simply press play.

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Submit Evidence

Submit evidence to the website or the MedalMad App. Go to My Challenges and upload your screenshots and/or photos as evidence if you have not used the tracker. Press submit to send your evidence to us.

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Receive Your Medal

Your medal will be sent out once you have completed your challenge and the progress bar shows 100% complete. If your challenge is for a specific month then it will be sent that month. However you are welcome to submit early.

Download the MedalMad App



How to Use the APP

1. Log In

Please create an account on the website then use the same log in details for the app. Please only use your email when logging into the app, not your username.

2. Add Evidence

You can either use the upload feature from your phone library, or take a photo using the inbuilt camera or you can just press play to use the inbuilt tracker. 

If uploading or taking a photo enter the distance for the evidence you are submitting

If uploading or taking a photo you have the option to enter the time for the leaderboard. This only applies if you have done the challenge in one go and you wish to be on the leaerboard.

If using the tracker the distance and time is all done for you. Please check your location settings and GPS are on. A small test walk is best to make sure it is set up correctly.

3. Press Submit.


Where do I upload my evidence?

You have two choices, yep that is two ways of sending us your evidence.

Please only use one method, for any one challenge. You can not submit evidence on both the website and app for the same challenge.


You can log into your account, click on My Profile and then select My Challenges. Here you will find all your active and completed challenges. Select the submit evidence button for the challenge and add images that show you have covered the distance. These can include screenshots of fitness trackers, photos of fitness watches, race results, Parkrun times etc. You can add as many images as you like, add the number of miles or KM you are submiting (numbers and decimal points only) and that is it. The progress bar will change to 100% and you are on your way to gettting your medal.


Download our App from the App Store or Play Store. Log in using same details as the website, click on my challenges and select the one you would like to submit evidence for. You can either, use our in built tracker (click here for more info) upload an existing image or use the in built camera to take a picture of your running watch. Press upload and it will be on its way to us. 

Now there is nothing to stop you, get out and enjoy your run!

How much evidence do I need?

You only need to show enough information so that we can see the challenge has been completed.

How many pieces of evidence can I upload?

You can upload as many images as you like, but the more you choose the longer it will take. So if you have added alot of selfies grab yourself a cuppa!!!

Can I walk challenges and does it have to be done in one go?

You can run, walk, cycle, swim or other gym equipment. Selected challenegs may be limited to a specific activity but this will be clear in the individual challenge details.

I cannot see myself on the leaderboards?

To be on the leaderboard you must have completed the challenge in one go. This is the main reason why people are not on the results table. If you did complete it in one go but you are not on the table please email us.

When will my medal arrive?

Your medal will arrive within 3-10 days of you recieveing the medal sent message. We try to process your evidence within two working days. Then post it out on the next post run. Please note this only happens when a challenge is open. For example if it is a March challenge then your medal will only be sent out in March once evidence has been received.

Do I have to wait till the challenge starts before submitting evidence?

No, you can submit evidence before, and we will acknowledge it, but your medal will not be sent out untill the first medal post run after the challenge entry has closed.

Can I change the challenge I have signed up to for a different one?

We appreciate that circumstances change. We do try to help where we can. But once the entry closes we cannot change your entry, or transfer it to a different challenge. 

How long will it take for my evidence to be acknowledged?

Our MedalMad team will respond to your evidence submissions within two working days but please allow up to 5 working days.Monday to Friday. Please note the team do not work Saturday or Sunday.

I cannot log in and my email is not recognised?

If your email is not recognised it probably means you may have entered it wrong when joining. If you have tried the password reset and that does not work please email us. Please only use your email to log into the app.

Where can I find information about the challenge?

When a challenge goes live we create a community page that will provide all the information you need about the challenge. Please do not upload any evidence there but you can share your efforts and stories.

Where is the app?

You can download the app on the App Store for ios or the Play Store if you have an android phone.

The app only shows 99% will you get my evidence?

No, we only get your evidence when the app shows 100% and moves to the completed section. If you feel you have entered all the right information then please just add addtional KM's or M with the same evidence to complete the progress bar. We will check it our end and contact you if there are any issues.

Can I order more than one medal for the same challenge?

Yes of course you can. We wil take any evidence you submit as evidence for both or all of the medals. If other runners want to track and submit their own evidence they will beed to register and purchase the challenge themselves.

Where can I find information about the challenge?

When a challenge goes live we create a community page that will provide all the information you need about the challenge. Please do not upload any evidence there but you can share your efforts and stories.

Why has my progress bar reset on the app?

The progress bar may reset if there has been a major update, you are using the app on a new device or you have deleted and reinstalled the app.

Progress bar data is store in your phone so these changes will overide your progress. Do not worry all evidence is safe, as it has been sent to our server, and we will not get another notifcation, even if the challenge was already completed.

Please just enter the distance only to get the challnge back to where it was.

Please do not use the website to submit evidence if using the app as the same as above applies.

I have logged into the app but my challenges are not showing

It may be that the app was used in a weak 3G area or WIFI dropped. The app calls the data from the server when you open the app, if this is interrupted it may show a blank page. Please close the app, delete and reinstall when you have a good internet connection.

The distance on the apps tracker is incorrect or jumps around?

The app only accuracy is greatly reduced when your phone is locked or is in sleep mode. Please do not lock your phone, just open the app and press play, then run/walk. If using other apps (music, other tracker etc) please start them first then press play on the MM app and run. Do not lock or close app.

The app needs to get a GPS connection. If you are in a poor connection area it may jump to its last connection. To avoid or if this happens please do the following;

1. Only start the tracker when you are outdoors

2. If there is a big jump, press back and select NO to saving data. Walk for a few meters, go back to challenge then start tracker again.

3. There may still be a small jump but this will even out over your run, ride or walk.

Can I join a Challenge via the app?

The app has a link to the website shop. At the moment this is not integrated into the app. Please note your phone may open this link in Readerview. A setting on your phone which is used when accessing webpages from app. This happens if you use Twitter for example. To deactivate please press the three of four line button at the top of the page.



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