Member Rewards

Member Rewards

As if the motivation we offer and amazing medals we provide is not enough, members can benefit from additional rewards.

You can earn you reward points to claim your free personalised medal, specific challenge set rewards, save £££ on our markeplace and get some great deals from our partners. 


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MedalMad FREE Member Personalised Medals

We are starting the free personalised medal for bronze and silver in 2020 to build on the success of the personalised gold medal in 2019. All challengers will continue from where they are at the 1st of January 2020, with the first medal  being sent when the next new level is reached. From the 1st of February you will need to claim your free medal through our rewards page.


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How many challenges do I need to complete and how many points do I need?

- 10 Challenges and 100 points for Bronze

- 20 Challenges and 200 points for Silver

- 30 Challenges and 300 points for Gold


You can use your points on our shop so if you want your personalised medals please save them up.

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MedalMad  Reward Points


Earn Reward Points for the MedalMad Marketplace



As you complete your challenges you will earn reward points. These are only rewarded when you complete your challenge. You can use these points to give you discounts on the MedalMad Marketplace and Rewards

We will be growing our marketplace throughout 2020 with a range of suppliers and other brands products, events and services.




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