FAQ - The MedalMad App

1. Where can I get the app?

You can get the app from the App store and Play Store.

2. How do I log in?

Please create an account on the website then use the same log in details for the app. Please only use your email when logging into the app, not your username. Please make sure your password only contains letters, number and [email protected]£

3. How do I submit evidence?

You can either use the upload feature from your phone library, take a photo using the inbuilt camera, or just press GO to use the inbuilt tracker.

4. What is the Leaderboard?

The Leaderboard is for those that want to see where they finish in the challenge. This is optional, unless you are using the inbuilt tracker which will add the time, for any challenge completed in one go, to the leaderboard. 

5. What do I need to do?

Choose your method of sending us your evidence.

Upload, track or take a photo

If uploading or taking a photo enter the distance for the evidence you are submitting

If uploading or taking a photo you have the option to enter the time for the leaderboard. This only applies if you have done the challenge in one go and you wish to be on the leaderboard.

If using the tracker the distance and time is all done for you.

Then press submit.

Download the App 

How to Use the Tracker 

How to Upload Evidence Via the App

Trouble Shooting 

I cannot log in?

Please make sure you have a live account by logging into the website with the same details.

Only log in using your email and follow the rules for passwords. 

The app does not seem to track me?

Please make sure you have checked your location settings are correct. Allow MedalMad app to know and track your location. The locations of these settings varies from phone model to phone model, so please use the power of google.

Always do a small test to see if you are being tracked, then delete this entry and start your run.

iPhones, Samsung and Sony phones all work and no known issues.

Issues with Motorola and OnePlus are known due to their poorer GPS function. Please make sure you have checked location settings are turned on. With some models of the phone you may need to use another tracker.

I have logged in and my challenges are not showing?

It may be that the app was used in a weak 3G area or WIFI dropped. The app calls the data from the server when you open the app, if this is interrupted it may show a blank page. Please close the app, delete and reinstall when you have a good internet connection.

Why am I not on the leaderboard?

Entries onto the leaderboard are for challenges completed on one ride, walk or run.

If uploading your evidence please enter time in HH:MM:SS any other format will not show on the leaderboard. (For example 00:37:36)

If uploading or taking a photo only add one image

The distance recorded seems to be inaccurate and jumps around when I open the app?

The app uses the GPS and data on your phone. Please make sure you have turned on your location settings. If using other apps (music, other tracker etc) please start them first then press play on the MM app and run.

Why does App Tracker record before I move?

The app needs to get a GPS connection. If you are in a poor connection area it may jump to its last connection. To avoid this, or if this happens, please do the following;

1. Only start the tracker when you are outdoors.

2. If there is a big jump, press back and select NO to saving data. Walk for a few meters, go back to challenge then start tracker again.

3. There may still be a small jump but this will even out over your run, ride or walk. 

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