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Partner With MedalMad

MedalMad can help you reach new customers with a targeted marketing approach. Create a MedalMad voucher that our community can purchase using their MedalMad points.

You can offer any sort of discount or coupon with your voucher and ask for as little or as many points as you wish, starting from 10 points (10 points is the minimum amount of points awarded for completing one challenge).

We are creating a marketplace to help motivate people to be active and choose a healthy lifestyle. The promotion of your products, events or services on our marketplace is directly linked to the success of our business. A guarantee that we will working hard to create awareness and engagement in your business. 

kids virtual running
kids virtula running move and explore

What The Partnership Includes

1. Bespoke voucher listing (You just provide the codes, brief description and logo)

2. App notification to over 11,000 users and growing

3. Ad on our social news feed on the website shown to over 20,000 users

4. Social media posts to over 35,000 followers

5. If you are an event we create an event page for your voucher so people can share that they are going.

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How It Works

MedalMad challengers complete challenge to earn amazing medals. They also earn MedalMad reward points. 

They can use these to buy products or vouchers. Your product, service event, attraction or business has it's own voucher. So our community can use their points to get your voucher.

They then go to your sign up page on your website and use the code you provide us to access your offer. 

It is that simple and a great way to create awareness and engagement for your business. 

All we need from you is your codes, logo, brief information about your offer and an image for your voucher, though we can source one for you.

You can limit the number of vouchers you wish to have available.

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