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The Pumpkin Dash Challenge Pack

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£ 15.47 / Points 238 each Brand: MedalKidsMedalKids

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The Pumpkins Dash Challenge pack! Includes four separate challenges to earn the pins and Cinderella Carriage medal. A great challenge for kids and adults.

A 1KM, 2KM, 3KM, 4KM and 5kM run, walk, cycle, swim, cycle or scoot is all that is needed to complete the challenge.

Reward their progress with a pin and medal after each distance. They can either do the distance for each pin and medals starting from 0 or you can accumalate the distance as they go. 

Pack comes with a Pumpkin Dash Medal, 4 Magical badges, certificate for the wall and a colouring tracker sheet.

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