Down the Rabbit Hole 20KM

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Down the Rabbit Hole Finisher Tech T-shirt
Down the Rabbit Hole Finsher Sweatshirt
Down the Rabbit Hole Racer Back Finisher Vest

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To earn more than one medal please change QTY. You will have one challenge, but will earn all medals on its completion.
90 Days
4 Milestones
10 Points

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go to Wonderland?  Now you can take on this virtual 20km journey Down the Rabbit Hole and around Wonderland. Who will you meet along the way? Follow your progreess on our interactive map, and that of your friends too if you wish with this fun challenge. You reward of medal and 4 x pin badges will be sent out once you have completed the total distance (following challenge start date).  Hopefully you wont be late!

This medal is personalised and will be engraved with the first name on your account, or the name you enter via the personalised engraving section. Medal reads 'in Wonderland' and the name you specify will be engraved above this.

For some exgtra motivation why not reward yourself withone of our optional extras? With our themed sprts top and leisure wear and also lace tags (details below).You can also purchase this chlallenge as a gift for friends and family by ordering one of our gift packs through the MedalMad Marketplace. 

Entry includes;

  1. Down the Rabbit Hole 20KM Medal
  2. Personalisation (Account name or personalised engraving)
  3. Well Congratulations Done Card
  4. 4 Milestone Pin Badges
  5. 4 Virtual Milestone Cards
  6. Friend Challenge Updates
  7. Friends Challenge Progress Map
  8. Story Book Profile Badge
  9. 10 Reward Points
  10. Access to the MedalMad Community App.

Optional Extra;

1. Down the Rabbit Hole Finisher Tech Top Unisex (£18) 

2. Down the Rabbit Hole Sweatshirt Unisex.

3. Down the Rabbit Hole Ladies racer back vest top. 

4. Down the Rabbit Hole lace tags

You can run, row, cycle, swim, walk or roll your way to your amazing medal. You can even do a combination of all, or any. Submit your evidence in KMs, Miles or Steps.

Take on the challenge with a friend or friends and connect in the MedalMad app. Receive challenge updates as you each progress along the route. You can see each other on your own private progress bar or if you share your race numbers on the public interactive challenge map.

Send words of motivation and emojis all through the MedalMad app. Stay connected via your challenges, wherever you are in the world.

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Down the Rabbit Hole

Finisher Top XS - XXL

The finisher top is understated yet high performing, allowing you to focus fully and unlock your potential. . With a crew neck and relaxed fit this t-shirt will take the heat off you whether you’re working out or taking part in a virtual run.

Crafted from a lightweight Neoteric™ fabric which wicks sweat away from the skin to ensure you stay cool and dry

Down the Rabbit Hole Collection

Check out other items from the collection. If the finisher top is not for you we have other active wear items and also in some collections lace tags, coasters and much more. Remember your achievement in style or just because you love the design.

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Stay Motivated

With this virtual challenge you get so much motivation. With an amazing personalised medal, milestone badges, virtual milestone cards, reward points, profile badges, friends updates, friends progress map and much more.

We are here very step along the way. Our team will help you stay motivated with a thumbs up and words of encouragement as you progress.

Alice in Wonderland 20KM
Received my ‘Down the Rabbit Hole’ medal today, love it especially the engraving 🐇 ♥️♣️
Down the Rabbit Hole 20KM
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Depending on the nature of the challenge, taking on a MedalMad challenge can have significant health benefits. For example, a running challenge can improve your cardiovascular fitness, while a yoga challenge can improve your flexibility and reduce stress.

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How to complete a Virtual Challenge?

MedalMad challenges can be completed by running, walking, swimming, cycling, rolling, rowing or using cardio equipment at home or in the gym. You can break down the challenge into smaller parts and track your challenge as you go.

Once you have joined the virtual challenge you will find an upload/submission section in your My Challenges page on the website and app. 

You can upload images of tracking apps, race results, images of dashboards on cardio equipment, images of a running or fitness watch or use the MedalMad basic tracker.


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MedalMad APP

You can complete your challenges on the website or using our free app. An easy way to manage and track your challenge.

- Virtual Run, Walk, Row, Cycle, Roll, Swim
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- Motivation has never been so easy
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- Take part anywhere and anytime

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More than Just amazing Medals

Join 1000's of challengers all around the world reaching their running and fitness goals.

We have amazing medals but you can also earn so much more. Profile badges, reward points, member rewards, finisher tops, well done cards, certificates, free downloads and much more.

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