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MedalMad Autumn Sale 2020

Use code SEPT20 at checkout across the whole site. Set up a great Autumn of challenges or get your hands on a new medal hanger, kids activity pack or top.Ends midnight on Wednesday the 9th of September.
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What I've Learnt from 7 Months of Running

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is staying well. I can't quite believe that this is my 6th blog post as a MedalMad Ambassador! This last month seems to have flown by for me since being back at work. What I also can't believe is that I've now hit 7 months of being a "runner"! Before Christmas I would never have even considered running but now here I...
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New goals

Enter text here New goals means new shoes right!? ​​​So after being injured last year a couple times (stress fracture,heel problem and arm) my running wasn't what it used to be. I actually got scared of picking up the pace again..not that it was something I knew instantly,I just realized it after moths. I knew I wasn't running as much and my endura...
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Returning to a "New Normal"

Hello everyone! How are we all? How is everyone starting to adjust to life in a "new normal"? The last couple of weeks have been pretty hectic for me, having spent 3 months off work on furlough leave I was finally called back to work! I was so glad to be able to get out of the house again and get back to the place I love, but along with that came a...
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It is our 4th Birthday

It is our 4th birthday, and what a crazy 4 years. Thank you for all your support this year. It has been amazing and we have big plans for the year ahead. Use code MMBD20 for 20% off your next challenge or challenges 
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Check Out the New Medal Samples

We love a medal delivery as much as you. Deliveries that contain samples are just the best. This weeks delivery was amazing and check out the real medals for many challenges for the first time below. Click on the images to find out more about each challenge.So whether you are a virtual runner, walker, cyclist, swimmer or use the gym you c...
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Tips For New Runners

​Being there have been a lot of new runners join Medalmad recently I thought I'd put a few tips together for anyone who might be completely new to running.REMEMBER IT'S A MARATHONEven if you're not planning to run a marathon, you should take the slow and steady approach to your running activities. When you try to increase your mileage or speed up y...
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The Art Of A Bad Run

Disappointing runs: we all have them at some point!Whether it's a nasty stitch that forces you to pull over, or simply an early onset of shin splints half a kilometre in, admitting temporary defeat in something you actively want to do is hard.A few weeks ago, I set out for my usual 5k. It's a distance I am well practised in, and it was an easy, fla...
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Looking for a New MedalMad Team Member

We are looking for new part time member to join our small MedalMad team. MedalMad is part of the Active Connections Group of brands. MedalMad helps people reach their running and fitness goals via an online platform. So an interest in health, fitness and or running would be useful but not essential. We are a fast growing brand and need help to meet...
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Dealing with a Cancelled or Postponed Race

 Hello everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and well, and a big welcome to all the new challengers who have joined MedalMad in recent weeks.Has anyone else taken up running in recent weeks/months? Can't help but feel like you've started running at the wrong time? Yep… that's me too… When I started running back in January I never for a sin...
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