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FAQ - Can I do A MedalMad Challenge In Parts?

​Here at MedalMad we have challenges ranging from 5K all the way up to 1000 miles, now unless you are superhuman, 1000 miles in one go is a bit of an ask...!We allow challengers to submit evidence in parts for all of our challenges - whether it is a 5k, Marathon or 1000 miles, challenges can be done at your pace and split in to as ma...
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MedalMad Membership for 2020

 Set up 2020 for your best year of running and fitness.Join us on our monthly target challenges and earn your FREE, BRONZE, SILVER and GOLD personalised medals, perhaps even more. You can also earn you member stars from doing any of our challenges.Select your distance for each month by using the dropdown below. Select first 6 (Jan to June) for...
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Win a Garmin Forerunner 235 in Our Vlog or Blog Challenge

 Looking for a new running watch to set you up for 2020?Then why not enter our competition to be in with a chance of winning a Garmin Forerunner 235 and £60 of MedalMad vouchers.To enter simply vlog or blog (with pictures) a MedalMad challenge, from start to finish. It can be any challenge that you are doing. We would like you to be as cr...
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September 2019 Virtual Race Results

Check out two of September's virtual race results. You can find the further results and other races from September and now October in the app under Race Results.Well done to everyone who completed the races and an extra well done to those who managed to get to the top of the table.  October Races
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End of September Beginning of October

 As the month draws to an end we hope you have reached your goals this month. Se below for what virtual races and challenges are coming up next month, what is closing on Monday and what is selling quick. We have some great challenges for you!Closing Soon   Starting Soon Selling Quick
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Hit My Target - September!

Well done to everyone who signed up for our September HIT MY TARGET challenge and completed their chosen miles! We hope you enjoyed this new type of challenge and love your engraved medal as much as Zoe in our office does! Zoe set herself the target of running 50 miles in the month of September and we are very pleased to say that she HIT her TARGET...
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Some Basic Running Tips to Get You Started

Getting started can be the first hurdle and where do you start? Running can be a great way to start your new fitness regime. You can start slow, walking, and build up. But here are some basic tips to get you started. Remember virtual running is only that name. Virtual running gives you the freedom to take part in challenges anywhere and anytime, bu...
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FAQ - How To Use The App To Upload Evidence

See the below guide on how to use the upload feature in the app. Should the app not upload or the connection stop please close the app and try again. This can happen during very busy time when lots of people are submitting evidence. So please check your internet connection and retry later. Please make sure when signing in you put in your full email...
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Lunge Your Way To Stronger Legs!

 The MedalMad Movement of the Month (MOM)This month we are focusing on Lunges.Regular strength training exercises can help with endurance, speed and injury prevention. Lunges help to strengthen key running muscles, the hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes, whilst stretching others such as hip flexors. This will help to lengthen your stride and im...
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Virtual Race or a Virtual Challenge?

We have made some changes to the website over the last few weeks. So we wanted to explain the difference between a virtual race and a virtual challenge. We now have over 50 races and challenges you can take part in on MedalMad. Some are in the various virtual anytime challenges dropdown sections and others are in the virtual rac...
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