1st Of A New Set!

My initial reason for signing up to a virtual race was to help keep me motivated during my training runs. To help me to meet set distances in training and to go out in the wind and rain when I really didn't want to (as a runner you will know exactly what I mean!!!)

The first race I ever signed up for was the Harry Potter House medals. I loved that fact that there were 4 of them to work towards and that they made a complete set. I also loved that they were Harry Potter themed – I'm a bit of a Harry Potter fan after all!

Medal Mad continue to amaze me with the sets that they bring out for us runner to earn. I really do think they are virtual running at its best. At the start of 2018 I completed the first set of fairytale medals (see earlier blog posts) and now I have started on the latest set. I LOVE the design of these medals – I think they are really sophisticated and I'm excited to earn Augusts so that I can link the first 2 together. I don't even look at other virtual running companies these days as Medal Mad keep wowing me with their latest races and medal designs.

If you haven't done so already, have a browse through the races for the rest of 2018. I'll be amazed if you can't find at least one that appeals to you. GO on, I dare you!

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The One with the Medal