A Marathon In Prep For A Marathon!

Well, July has been a busy month for me. As a teacher it has meant the end of the school year (yeay!), we have had 7 family birthdays including my own and, I got some HUGE news. I am going to be running the London Marathon 2019. Like so many others, I have entered the open ballot but I also applied for a charity place as it is a charity close to my own heart. I will be running to raise money for Kidney Care UK. I've now got 9 months of fun raising money in different ways and training to complete the whole 26.2 miles in April.

I entered the monopoly marathons with the dream of getting a ballot place and have been working my way through the miles this last couple of months. This month I've earnt the Tokyo marathon medal. I've not done it in a single run but now I have that goal firmly in mind. I'm yet to the full distance in one go – this is my current goal. These medals are the perfect motivation for me to keep going with my training.

I've decided to break down the huge task of the marathon in to smaller chunks so my next goal is to do the Birmingham Half Marathon in October. Through my training runs I will be able to earn the other half of the marathon medals set.

This time last year I had no desire to run a half marathon; I simply ran to be a better runner to help me in my OCRs. It's funny how things change isn't it! My time as a Medal Mad ambassador these last 9 months have taught me lots and one big lesson is not to put a limit on myself. Whatever your running journey right now, whatever your longest distance, your fastest time – don't limit yourself. If you can dream it, you can do it. I really do believe that. Happy running!

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