Amy - April 2021 Member of the Month

 DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!...... April's Member of the Month is..... Amy Clark! Amy is a regular contributor to this page so you probably are familiar with her already and I'm sure she needs little introduction! 

She joined MM in September last year driven by a desire to lose weight and also improve her mental health. Her story of being a busy mum of 3 young children, struggling with body image and in desperate need of taking time for herself is something I'm sure many of us can relate to. Now running regularly Amy has dropped the weight and most importantly has significantly improved her mental well-being! Well done Amy!! If you would like to read Amy's story you can do so below. Please join us in congratulating Amy on her achievements and on being selected as our Member of the Month...... a £25 MM voucher is on its way to you Amy 

Amy's Story

Back in 2019, 4 months after having my 3rd child, I seen a photo of myself and was completely disgusted. I can't believe I was THAT BIG even though I was a member of slimming world and had been for 3 years, I couldn't believe what I saw from that moment on I decided I was going to do something about it and I was more determined than ever!In May 2019, I lost the first man I had ever loved, my dad was taken from me and I've never felt heartbreak like it this massively set me back, not because of eating the wrong things, but through the grief, I just didn't eat much at all As well as this, I was dealing with issues in my marriage too and was preparing myself for a life as a single parent with 3 kids However, we have worked hard together to make our marriage continue and we are the happiest we have been in a VERY LONG time By early 2020, I'd lost about 2 stone, but felt like I couldn't really see any difference. Lockdown came around and I decided to get involved with PE with Joe and loved it! In May 2020 I thought to myself "I'd love to run " With some encouragement, but not a lot of confidence I started running in the street (luckily I live in a cul de sac ) eventually, I had the courage to leave the street (early morning when no-one was around )Now I've built myself up to run a minimum of 5km every run, running 4-6 times a week and setting myself goals I'd never thought I could achieve One of my next goals is to complete a half marathon .

Before this I'd never really looked after myself, the kids always come first, but now I've found a love for running, it's a way of life and I come first! (Well, most of the time )This group has helped so much. I love sharing what I've done, encouraging others, being encouraged by you lovely lot and of course, sharing my leggings collection The last words my Dad ever said to me was how proud he was of me. Not only am I making him proud still to this day, I'm proud of myself!!!! Thank you to every one for all your support, likes/loves and comments - they all really mean the world

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