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My Couch to 5K Journey

So I've decided I'm doing couch to 5k. Why??? Well because its time I got fit. I've tried this before but OMG it hurt. I ended up with shin splint. So if anyone knows how to help cope with that your advice would be appreciated. I got to the end of the first week and couldn't carry on because of shin splint, well that and the fact life took over.

When I tried couch to 5k before I was determined to not give up. It was helping with my weight loss and also helping me get healthier. I'm more determined than ever to complete it this time. It was because of couch to 5k and my sudden love of tikiboo leggings that i came across MedalMad. So far i have completed 3 challenges. Yeah they have been completed mainly by walking but I'm determined that I'm going to work towards completing them by running.

I will add to my blog on a weekly basis with updates on how I'm getting on. So here goes lets do this. Week 1 lets go.

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The Fat Girl Who Runs

​So back in September I spent my birthday in hospital. I been admitted and diagnosed with asthma. While nobody mentioned my weight I knew they were thinking if I lost weight it would help.  So after recovering I decided that enough was enough and I needed to lose this weight. My husband, my kids and my dad needed me. I knew before being admitt...

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