Couch to 5K for 2022

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Couch to 5k is a running plan which normally takes 9 weeks to complete, with each run lasting between 20-30 minutes. Couch to 5k plans are designed for people who have never ran before, but want to start running. The 9 weeks of a couch to 5KM running plan are split into 3 running sessions, which gradually get longer. Couch to 5KM plans begin with alternating walking and then progresses from there. So what ever your fitness level you can get to that 5KM goal.

Couch to 5k is an excellent way for anyone who has never ran before can feel confident they can achieve their 5K goal by setting achievable goals and staying motivated throughout Couch to 5km.

We have our Couch to 5K Trainer Tag challenge with personalised tags or you can try any MedalMad 5KM virtual challenge, which may help with your couch to 5k plans. It will give you a goal and an extra reward at the end of your programme.

MedalMad also has its own Couch to 5KM support group so wherever with whoever you are doing your plan why not join our support group. You will be entered automatically if you enter the couch to 5K Trainer tag challenge. Use the MedalMad app to join support groups to help you reach your 5KM goal.

Click HERE to find some great 5KM challenges. Check out the start date fro the challenge and select one that is achievable for your 5KM programme.

If Couch to 5KM is too easy then maybe you should look at running a 10KM instead. 

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