Do You Have A Favourite Running Place?

 Do you have a favourite running place?

Earlier this week the MedalMad CEO Mike Squire posted a picture of himself after a run in Bergerac, France, and asked you all if you had a favourite place to run?

Mike has been on a family holiday in Bergerac but couldn't resist lacing up his running shoes for an early morning run in the beautiful scenic location – and who can blame him?!

Many of you have been visiting some beautiful places over the summer months – these range from picturesque Cornish beaches to France, Spain and to the more exotic Dominican Republic. A new running location can give us a new found motivation, even if you are not on holiday, try to mix up your runs by planning to visit a new location, whenever you can manage, to take a run, walk or cycle and enjoy the scenery.

I recently spent a few days in the quiet town of Par, Cornwall and enjoyed having the luxury of a beach on my doorstep, being able to run across the sandy open beach on my early morning run was fantastic and taking my dog buddy, Benji, with me made it even better.

That's the beauty of running ….. it can be done anytime, anywhere. Step outside your doorstep and take a run following local roads or if you are fortunate enough a more rural location. Personally I love the freedom that running gives me the moment I put on my running shoes and I step out into the open air I feel myself relax and my everyday worries disappear. I allow the pathways to take me in any direction my feet choose to go – I rarely pre-plan my route – if I feel a desire to turn left, I turn left and if I feel I want to turn right then I turn right! I let my feet and heart take over, the rest of me just follows.

Zoe, The MedalMad Team 

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