Fairy tale series; Part 3 of 4

 Whilst running for my 3rd of the Fairy Tale Series medals, I spent the 5K thinking about why I run. Here are 14 of the reasons that went through my head:

Because I've got all the gear!Eating guilt free after a long run.Food - oh wait, I've already covered that one!One run can change a bad day to a good one.Races - practice makes me better at them.Evidence - collecting it ready to submit to earn my bling.
Medals (obvs!!!!!!)Improvement as I aim to get faster. Distance. I might even do a marathon one day.Nike - running is easier on my feet now I have the right trainers for me.Inclines. They will not beat me.Goals - all of mine require running for success.Healthy competition with myself for new PBs.Trails - I love exploring off road routes.
What ever your reasons for running, make sure you enjoy those miles :)

"A goal without a plan is just a wish"
Look like a beauty run like a beast challenge