First week into run I g


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After one week into my new running journey, today was HARD!! The air seemed colder, heavier and less
manageable. Especially in my legs actually I’d say from the top of my legs to the tips of my toes. 
Managed one mile no stopping. Gain some rhythm in my arms and paced
myself although I’m sure I started off too fast. Who knows I’m just a novice at this new form of art.... sports lol 
Around 1.2 I opt to walk approx 100 meter. Regained some strength, power and breath and had a good word with my
self. ‘Slowly, slowly catch a monkey’ comes to mind. 
In all covered 2 miles with one stop. 
yesterday I covered two mile
no stop and sneaked a jolly 1.6 mile run the day before. 
In hindsight I should have used today as a ‘rest day’. Tomorrow that will be. Planning next running early doors Tuesday. 
Wish me luck! 

Thank god the government allow one other person to meet for exercise during lockdown! I don’t think I could have done it without my best friend beside me. 

A Year of Running
Staying Safe