Hit My Target - September!

Well done to everyone who signed up for our September HIT MY TARGET challenge and completed their chosen miles! We hope you enjoyed this new type of challenge and love your engraved medal as much as Zoe in our office does! Zoe set herself the target of running 50 miles in the month of September and we are very pleased to say that she HIT her TARGET!

Zoe is now aiming to HIT her October TARGET of 75 miles – go on Zoe you've got this!

HIT MY TARGET challenges are now available to sign up to for the months of October, November and December – each with a different medal. Select your target of either 25, 50, 75, 100, 150 or 200 miles, accumulate your runs throughout the month to HIT your target and you will receive your medal, engraved with your selected distance! A great way to push yourself to run those extra miles.

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