How to Be a Virtual Runner with MedalMad

Being a virtual runner with Medalmad is so easy. You can join via our website and then download out app. The app makes being a virtual runner simple and even more enjoyable. You can complete your virtual runs by tracking your progress on the app. With an easy to use interface you can make sure you never miss out on a medal for completing one of your virtual runs. 

Once you have joined a challenge, dowloaded the app, the next part of being a virtual runner is to complete your challenge and record the evidence. With MedalMad virtual races and challenges nearly all can be done in parts. So if there is a medal you love you can still take part, even if the distance in one run, would be just a bit to far. You can use the inbuilt tracker in the MedalMad app or your favourite tracker app or watch. Some good ones include Strava and MapMyRun. If using these then you can take a photo or screenshot and upload it via the app or the website. That is it, you are now a virtual runner with MedalMad.

Now if you are a competitive virtual runner you may like to enter your time on to the live leaderboards. For this you will need to sue the MedalMad app. You virtual run must be done in one go and time entered when you submit your evidence. Once you have done that go to the leaderboards page and see if you are the top virtual runner for that virtual race.

Being a virtual runner means you can race 1000's of other from all around the world. You can also take on other challenges by walking, cycling, swimming or using the gym.

Welcome to MedalMad!!!

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