Daniel Miller

Since joining MedalMad, 5 months ago, I have made a lot of progress. I wasn't very active and I tried visiting the gym but things always got in the way and I lost focus. After completing my first ever 5K, without training, I felt a great sense of achievement. The medals are there to see each and everyday, and are my biggest motivator. Since then I've done another two 5k's and I've also just completed my 60k Gauntlet run, which believe me I wouldn't have imagined possible.

MedalMad encouraged me to join the gym again, alongside walking, and this is definitely working. Since my first 5k I've managed to lose 1 and a half stone to date!! I'm way more physical and on the move. I've told people how good MedalMad are and I'm so looking forward to completing more challenges in the future. Last week alone I clocked up 44k and each week I push myself to beat last weeks total, if and where I can!! 

 The entire MedalMad community is awesome and supportive, after all we're all in similar boats 🚣‍♀️ 🙂. If anything don't be scared of doing the impossible, because the impossible is possible, if you believe 🙂.

A big thank you to Daniel for sharing his story from the MedalMad team!

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