MedalMad Champion 2022

Hi my names Lynda and this is my beautiful boy Tuppy. We live together in our little flat.

I have a spinal problem, two dodgy hips, I have Asthma, diabetes and a few more health problems that I'll not bore you with. I use two crutches to walk and a mobility scooter for longer distances.

When I first signed up to do the Platinum Jubilee Challenge I didn't think for one minute we would complete it in the time frame, never mind finishing it early.

Every walk Tuppy & I have done together, we have been to many different places,Every single walk has caused me tremendous pain, even though I have enjoyed getting out and doing it.

It's made me go out each day for a walk be it short or a little longer. We have always found a walk where I can sit for as long as needed before we continue. If I can do this anybody can, just go at your own pace and in your own comfort zone. Never try to do too much in one go.

And so it begins...