MedalMad Launches a Free Virtual Challenge

Its nearly time for New Year's resolutions, but what makes them nearly all fail? Well we think it's partly accountability. So MedalMad have set up a free challenge to keep you focused. More importantly you can decide what the challenge is for 2019. 

Now it needs to be a big challenge over the year of 2019. The rules are simple. You must complete your challenge by the end of 2019. You must post an update once a week on your own personal challenge page on the MedalMad website. When you create your challenge, we will need to approve your challenge. It needs to be your challenge, something that will push you. For example a 1000 mile, or even 2000 mile challenge, or maybe to swim 2km a month. 

These challenges are there to push you so we may ask for evidence that your challenge is realistic but not something you will complete in a few months. So create your own personal challenge and earn the That's What I Call a Challenge 2019 medal.

Medals are not sent out till the end of year and you will need to have shown you have achieved this challenge, plus have been updating your challenge as you progress through out the year.

When you create your challenge, please enter the details about what your challenge is.

Click HERE to enter your free challenge.

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