Message from MedalMad at Christmas

Christmas is upon us and 2022 is coming to an end, and what a year it has been for MedalMad and all of our members who totally smashed their fitness goals this year!

This year we really wanted to focus on the MedalMad community and supporting you all on your fitness journeys so we made the switch to our new MM app which allows members to see updates of other members progress, post pictures and comments to support and motivate each other. We added features to our challenges such as progress bars, digital milestones and maps which allow you to see your own progress, and that of others, as you complete your challenge.

We introduced our most popular challenge yet, The Queens Platinum Jubilee 70 mile challenge, with around 3,600 of you signing up to and completing this one! Wow! This wasn't an easy ask for a lot of you and we had several comments from members concerned that the distance was too much for them, but they did it anyway! We are so proud of you and this is what Medalmad is all about – motivation .

We also released our set of 12 Olympian medals with a different Olympian released each month. This was the first time we had offered medals that could be engraved with your chosen distance and duration in which to complete the medals. The sets look amazing together so a huge well done to those of you that managed to complete all 12! If you missed any of these then don't worry as these will be back with 2023 with a new selection of distances to choose from.

More recently we have introduced several new challenges with bigger distances and our new look bigger, heavier medals. Some of these challenges virtually follow real life routes, like our Ghost Hunt of England 900 mile challenge and Mount Fuji challenge – the map and milestones will show you different real life locations and information as you complete your challenge.

Several of our more popular challenges now have great add-ons to motivate you further, like sweatshirts, t-shirts and lace tags. These extras have been particularly popular for our 100 mile wood challenge (with over 1500 challengers signed up!) and we aim to bring you more like this in 2023.

We also introduced you to our new clearance website, Funkymedals.com, where you can pick up our discontinued medals at bargain prices.

We really hope you have enjoyed the challenges and all the new interactive features we have brought to you this year. We have many new challenges in the pipeline for 2023 that we cannot wait to share with you! One challenge that is already looking popular is the King's Coronation 10 miles challenge. We wanted this challenge to be all-inclusive due to many members completing the Queens' Jubilee commenting that it was too long for their children, and so have made this one a shorter distance. Some of you might want to push yourselves to complete in one go and other may want to break this down into smaller distances– either is fine, it is not about the speed in which you do it is about the distance. The medal for this challenge, like all our medals, was designed by the MedalMad team with the help of an outsourced creative designer to make our ideas come alive. We wanted this medal to compliment the Queens Platinum Jubilee medal and to celebrate not just our new King but also the reign of the late Queen Elizabeth II. We think we have achieved a beautiful looking medal and hope you all agree.

Finally the MedalMad Team would like to thank you all for your support for making MedalMad what it is today, you all inspire us to do better and keep working on new challenges and ways to motivate and support you all. The kind comments we receive from some of you who have found completing our challenges has helped with not just your physical health but also your mental health and general well-being is why we love what we do!

We wish you all a very merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year. Bring on 2023!!

Mike, Zoe and Emma x 

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