New Challenge - Dragonfly 50 Miles

We have released a new virtual challenge to help you stay motivated. This challenge includes this stunning 95mm medal. Made 5mm thick it shows the amazing detail not only on the dragonfly but if you look closely the lilly pad below as well.

The challenge is 50 miles which you can break down into smaller parts that suit you. Upload your evidence as you go and keep track of your progress on this awesome virtual challenge. You can run, walk, swum, cycle, row, roll or use cardio equipment to complete your virtual challenge,

Plus you also get a virtual challenge map with this challenge. See how far you have to go as you cross the pond on our interactive virtual challenge map.

You also get an exclusive challenge profile badge to add to your account, as a reminder to you and others that you completed this virtual challenge.

Of course virtual running or challenge does not have to mean you are alone. You can find friends and supporters on the MedalMad Virtual Challenge app. Taking on the same challenge then you will see each other on your own private progress bar (see image below). You will also get updates from friends, and those you support, from all their virtual challenges so you can give them a thumbs up or a message of encouragement.

First challenge completed!
And so it begins...