New For 2020 @ MedalMad

Well MedalMadders another year draws to a close. We hope you have had a great 2019 and that you will have a great time this Christmas. 2019 saw a fair few changes for MedalMad. A new home in our own warehouse was the biggest change, one that has allowed us to grow this year.

So what is new for 2020, well a lot, so much in fact we are pretty sure not everyone has heard so here is some main new features you will be able to enjoy in 2020.

1. Virtual Teams - A fun new way to stay motivated. Join or create your own virtual team. You can use this to find like minded people, fellow jeffers or fundraise for example. Each month we will also be having a fun Team battle. In January it is the walkers vs runners. These are just for fun with perhaps a small prize at the end.

 2. Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals - As you may have seen 2019 introduced the gold member personalised medal. We are excited to be offering bronze and silver as well now for a trial period in 2020. The FREE personalised medals are to recognise the number of challenges you have completed.

3. MedalMad Points - So this is a sneak preview. In 2020 as well as earning your medals you will earn MedalMad points for every challenge you complete. These points then can be used to get discounts off the new ( soon to be added) MedalMad Marketplace. Now we only have a few of our own products, not really a marketplace we know, so even more exciting is we are creating a place where other brands can sell their goods. You get great prices, discounts with your points and you only have to do what you were going to do anyway, smash your running and fitness goals.  

From all of use at MedalMad we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now let's support each other in 2020 to smash our running and fitness goals.

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Happy New Year 2020
MedalMad @ National Running Show 2020