So here are a few of my medals, most are from MedalMad

And a few from the great north run and other achievements - 13.1 miles is a long way all in one go!

I put my trainers on for the 1st time January 2018, the whole new year new me bull we tell ourselves, haha!

I signed up for a challenge where I pledge to do so many miles that month, just to give me a motivation to get off my bum and get healthier, in between work and the kids - I managed 75 miles in my 1st month! 

I love the medals! I was hooked!
I'm not an amazing runner, more a jogger and speed walker, I don't often do 10k in one go unless it's a proper race, I usually do about 4-5 miles in an hour and that's fine by me, I suffer with asthma and my left lung is collapsed but I don't let it get in the way! No excuses!!! 

In January 2018 after I'd started the new me journey I then went out for my sisters birthday, her best friend thought it was a fab idea me attempting to run! She got me drunk (not unheard of lol) and said we should do the great north run (I knew how far it was already) me being me I said yes! signed up to run for Macmillan (this lady had battled 2 types of cancer 2 years before and kicked cancers arse! )

How could I say no?!

I trained in the gym also went round my local parks, the day came - Omg what an amazing atmosphere and feeling to be in there biggest half marathon in the world! 

I did it and thought I was going to die! It's so hard and amazing at the same time, I hurt for days walking funny and said I'd never do it again!!!! 

And in 2019...I did..... I bloody did it again haha πŸ˜‚ signed up a week after the 2018 race, again I said never again!!!!! 

And you can guess what I've just done! Haha yep I'm doing it again next year lol πŸ˜‚ next year is the 40th anniversary so it will be amazing!

Whether you run walk or jog Fast or slow it doesn't matter, I suffer with depression and anxiety and since starting my journey I feel so much better! 

If I feel low I strap my trainers on put my headphones in and I'm away to my happy place!

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