Running Buddies

 Hi All,

This post I am going to write about running buddies..more specifically my two year old running buddy.

I started running when my little boy was six months old and he came with me every week to running club. He even got good at wiggling his feet when we were warming up. When he was a dink he used to sleep about ten minutes into the run and it was brilliant. Then he got a little older and much more curious and he stopped sleeping so much and started shouting at us!

I remember one run quite well when he was about one and a half and he had just learnt Jane's (a running buddy) name. He spent half the run shouting at her either to pop her head in the pram or because she was in front of us.

He is a brilliant coach, well he likes to go fast so shouts "GO" at me and I have to run as fast as I can. It's good HIIT although he doesn't always give me chance to get my breath back before we are going again.

I have run from day one with a Mothercare Xpedior, three wheel outdoor buggy. It has tyre type wheels and a fixable front wheel. It has been brilliant, even though it is not rated as a running buggy it has taken us up and down the canal and round the houses. We are looking for a new buggy as he is nearly three and busting out of the pram, his long legs could easily touch the wheel should he wish. I am lucky that he doesn't. His little head also pops out of the top of it and we can no longer use the sun shade lol. He is just too big. We looked at a Thule glide which should do the job and although it is incredibly expensive I am holding out for a second hand one. Proper running buggies really do hold their value.

Wish me luck on my search!

Shell Vaughan

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