Running Through COVID-19

My children have been off school for over a week already due to showing mild symptoms and as a household we are now all in self isolation. We are usually a very active family, my husband owns a martial arts gym and myself and the children bother train their most days, so having to get used to staying home has been frustrating.

A few days in and I decided to go for a run (now running isn't really my thing, lifting weights yes but not running), my 10 year old son decided to come with me, we laced up our trainers and off we went! We didn't track the run, we just went off and enjoyed the fresh air, going wherever our legs took us, if we felt we wanted to go left we went left…..and surprisingly I enjoyed it too! We came back buzzing and vowed to do this everyday of isolation. Then came two days of rain……..!

Friday morning I woke up feeling pretty low. Our household had been self-isolating for a week already. I scrolled through facebook posts that friends had put up showing pictures of their year 6 children on what could possibly be their last day at primary school. My son being year 6, did not even have this opportunity having been in isolation, not knowing if he is going to return to finish his year 6 at primary school and do all the special Leavers things that every year 6 does, my husband's business being closed and the future feeling so uncertain for everyone, the not knowing when life will return to any kind of normal.

We decided to lace up our trainers again and go for a run, my 10 year old running with me, my 6 year old on her bike. The weather was fresh and the sun came out for us. This time we tracked the run (using the MedalMad app!) and my daughter opting to work towards the Run Rabbit challenge. We ran to my husband's gym and made use of having the space all to ourselves by doing a circuit strength workout – no equipment needed and could easily be done at home or in the garden – followed by some jiu-jitsu drills! We then ran back home.

Boy did it feel good.

The change of scenery and fresh air, spending quality time with my family, lifted my spirits and made me feel more positive about life at the moment and the future. By the time we arrived home we had completed 50% of the Run Rabbit challenge and my daughter has been pestering me to go out and complete the rest ever since!

Many of you will be feeling the same I know. With your business suffering or maybe uncertain if your employer can keep paying you, worried for your children's education, feeling cut off from loved ones. Exercise can not only help with your physical health but also your mental health, looking after your mental health during this period of stress and anxiety is of major priority. So get up and go out for a walk, a run, a cycle (always keeping a safe social distance!). If the weather is rubbish make use of social media for videos of exercise routines you can easily follow at home – get the whole household involved!

If you are feeling alone and unmotivated join the MedalMad Community facebook page for friendly tips and encouragement. The MedalKids page also has some great ideas for keeping the children entertained.

Above all stay safe and well.


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