The Gauntlet 60km Virtual Race

Our latest challenge is the Gauntlet 60km virtual race. This virtual race consists of 6 virtual 10km challenges. You can walk, run, cycle, swim or use the gym to complete this challenge. So in this virtual race you will need to complete all six sections to make the medal complete. You will receive one 10km stone to add to your medal. We would suggest completing the medal challenge part first, then as you earn the stones for each of the remaining virtual races you can build you medal. We believe this will be one of the best virtual medals you will have ever earned. 

The easiest way to manage this challenge is to download our virtual running and challenge app. This will also you to submit your evidence as you go and keep a track of the progress. So you can make sure all your virtual runs are recorded and sent to us safely. It is a great tool if you are doing big challenges like 60km in smaller parts. As you can see how long you have left to complete them. You can also choose the activity for how you completed your virtual race. Below is the medal you will earn from completing this virtual challenge. 

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