The Mini Gauntlet Challenge 20k

Due to the popularity of our Gauntlet 60k and numerous requests for a shorter distance version, also suitable for older children, so we have created The Gauntlet 20k virtual challenge!

Use the power of the Gauntlet to motivate you to run further than you have before, starting with your 2k infinity stone and slowly building up your distances ticking off each powerful infinity stone as you reach your next distance marker …..until finally you have reached the full 20k and become master of your universe!

By running, walking, cycling, swimming, scooting or using gym equipment you can accumulate your completed distances until reaching your goal of 20k. Your medal will be despatched from mid May onwards and once we have received evidence that you have completed a total distance of 20k. Remember to submit your evidence before 30th of June 2020 to receive your medal!

Good Luck completing your challenge! 

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