The Power Of Exercise During Lock-Down

Cara Jasmine Bradley

Having previously suffered from an eating disorder, maintaining a healthy relationship with exercise is an imperative ingredient in my ongoing recovery. I have previously blogged about my past struggles with anorexia, whereby I described that any enjoyment found in exercise had been replaced by dread, as I started to foresee it as a chore of detriment.

Now, still embarking upon the long journey of recovery, I have found an escape in exercise - a solace - and have reformed my friendship with something that become my enemy. As mentioned in my last blog, MedalMad has played a big part in this new found appreciation - how can I not love going for a run when I'm rewarded with an awesome medal at the end of it?!

​When the government announced the UK's lock-down a few weeks ago,  the country was awash with a thousand questions and worries. The world as we knew it changed overnight. Being refined to the four walls of one's home is not always as kind on the mindset as one might think, and it is a sad but well known fact that people across the world are struggling with their mental health while the storm outside rages on.

Exercise is notorious for being a helping hand in aiding mental wellbeing, and this revelation has never been more prominent. Being granted that one walk/ run a day - that one bout of liberation - has been a real lifeline.

It's a time to think after a long day at work.

It's a time to stretch your legs and clear your mind after hours cooped up inside.

It's a time to recall the glory of the outside world, and relish in the simplest of mother nature's pleasures.

It's a time to reconnect with our families, spouse, and even our dogs.

It's a time to focus on something other than the media and the snowballing sadness.

It's a time to reflect, as we spot rainbows in every window along the way.

It's a time to hope, as we walk through our empty villages and towns, dreaming of the day they're once again bursting with life.

My husband and I have been heading out in the early evenings, relishing in the last rays of the glorious spring sunshine. We have been fortunate enough to run into a few stunning sunsets along the way too - the majesty of the sky's ever changing phenomenon spurring us on. It's been wonderful to see so many others out walking and running. In a time where socialisation is strictly forbidden, it has been heartwarming to receive a cheery wave from another jogger across the road, or a shout of encouragement to 'Keep going!' from a friendly dog walker. 

We've taken leisurely strolls in the depths of the country, we've ran down the abandoned streets for our Personal Bests, and we've ran just for the sake of running and the feeling of freedom that it provides.

MedalMad's inventive range of medals have also kept me smiling throughout the chaos. The messages of hope on various medals are more apt than ever. Look For The Good Spots and Just Keeping Going to name but two!

The first medal I signed up for with MedalMad when the lock-down was enforced? The beautiful NHS design, of course!

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  • Thank you for sharing your story. I wish you all the best with your ongoing recovery xx
  • Thank you very much x and well done on your half marathon, you did absolutely amazing!! Xx