The Virtual Fairytale Book Collection Challenge - Amazing Medals

‚ÄčAre you looking for your next virtual run or virtual challenge? Looking for that bit of magic to help you reach your running and fitness goals? Well if you love fairytales then these virtual 5K challenge medals, a total of 95Km, will help you reach that goal.

These challenges provide a S.M.A.R.T goal to help you reach that next level. Virtual challenges or virtual runs can help you reach that level be being that extra motivation. Just imagine the feeling of putting in all that effort and then receiving one or all of these beautiful medals in the post.

Completing these challenges are super easy at MedalMad. We offer two ways to complete your virtual runs or challenges. If you love apps then why not download the MedalMad app to help you submit your virtual run evidence or your virtual cycle evidence. If apps are not your thing you can use the MedalMad website.

Plus not only will you receive your medal, well done card, reward points but each challenge you complete takes you one step closer to your free engraved medals which are a great bonus to our members.

Make MedalMad part of your fitness regime and we will help you reach your goals with fun, inclusive and motivation virtual runs and challenges.

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