These Girls Can Run The World

When I saw this challenge I thought it was just a 'girls only' event but like all things at Medalmad they are always inclusive! In fact if you are regular reader, you'll remember that even my horse Hercules has taken part in one of the challenges (and even wrote the blog). That one was meant to be about running with your dog (I don't have one), but as usual I found a way to improvise so I could take part.Thank you Medalmad for always accommodating us!

I used my work run commutes to complete this challenge, so nothing too interesting to report about the route. I would however like to share that I tracked them using the new Medalmad App.I've seen a few people having issues logging their runs, but I'm pleased to report that mine logged perfectly, my 'evidence' was submitted seamlessly, and as always my medal arrived in the post promptly.

2018 marked 100 years of the Women's Vote.I won't get into Politics as it's not my bag, but it seems totally crazy to me just how recently that particular bill was passed.Depending on your age, can you believe that in the time of your great-grandmothers, grandmothers and even mothers, these intelligent and strong women in our lives were not permitted to vote?Credit to the brave Suffragettes who fought hard for this equality and empowerment of women.

Running is empowering to everyone who is fortunate enough to be able to experience it. Everyone runs for their own reasons. When we run we are united silently through our common love of the sport, thankfully where gender, age, colour, race or religion matter not.

So, for no other reason than I love a bit of fancy dress (certainly not female stereotyping as the Missus would kill me) - I'll be wearing Pink at my local parkrun this week to Celebrate International Womens Day.

Happy Running one and all!

Next up is the 'Run Like a Beast' Challenge (YAY – more fancy dress!)

​Heyyou guys…. Cheers!
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